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Cattle Practices 1b
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Prevalence of Sheep

Strategy and Action Plan

Strategic Review October 2021
Opportunities to strengthen the impact of Wormwise to improve parasite management and address drench resistance in New Zealand livestock farming.

Action Plan 2021
Helping New Zealand farmers to understand and implement management practices that minimise the impact of internal parasites.

Wormwise handbook July 2019

Beef and Lamb learning modules
Wormwise: managing sheep and worms

Effects of worms
Worm biology
Principles of worm management
Drench resistance

Drench Wise Poster
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Wormwise Workshop Facilitators

Deer industry New Zealand

Wormwise for Goats

Liver fluke affecting your stock by Craig Hassell
Is your drenching effective?
Dairy Weaner worm management: It’s not all about drenching!
Using genetics as a tool for increasing host resistance
FEC monitoring a high priority this season  by Ben Allott
Leaving 5% of lambs undrenched by Andrew Dowling
Faecal egg count reduction testing time! by Ginny Dodunski, Wormwise Facilitator
Managing larvae on pasture by Rochelle Smith

The long and short of long-acting drenches in ewes pre-lambing by Jeremy Leigh
Drenching adult sheep and using long-acting drench products are risk factors for developing parasite resistance – when used incorrectly.

High parasite challenge after drought breaks by Ben Allot
Significant rainfall after a prolonged dry spell may contribute to high parasite burdens.

East Coast North Island update
A warm, wet summer means parasite control planning is essential.