Summer 2019 – Faecal egg count reduction testing time!

Summer 2019 – Faecal egg count reduction testing time! By Ginny Dodunski Drench resistance testing can feel like those health checks we avoid or ‘defer’ for ourselves: It is not a pleasant job, we might not like the results and the changes we may have to make might be unpalatable. But like those personal health check-ups, when you let them slide there is always that bit of doubt in the back of your mind, wondering what is really going on unseen, and the long-term cost of not knowing where you’re at? And isn’t…Read more

Managing larvae on pasture

Managing larvae on pasture By Rochelle Smith Wouldn’t it be great if we could see parasite larvae on the pasture?!  Do you ever start to feel like your lambs keep on looking wormy in autumn, despite a drench?  This could be the start of drench resistance or it may be a symptom of management decisions made much earlier in the season.  Either way, it warrants further investigation. The immune response begins as soon as the animal eats infective larvae on pasture and continues through the development of the larvae into an adult and can…Read more

Wormwise Handbook

Handbook for farmers The Wormwise handbook is a central source of information about the principles and strategies for sustainable worm management for New Zealand farmers. The principles themselves are quite straightforward; it is their practical application that is more complicated. Farming systems vary tremendously and what works for one may not be practical for another. For this reason, it is impossible to develop a set of “rules”. Instead, farmers should seek to understand the principles and then make their own decisions on how they might be applied to their farm. This book is designed…Read more

Strategic plan

Strategic plan The strategy aims to help New Zealand farmers understand and implement management practices that minimise the impact of internal parasites. Wormwise Strategic plan 2018 - 2020 SummaryRead more