Welcome to Wormwise – your gateway to learning how to live with worms (internal parasites) in livestock on your farm.

Managing internal parasites is one of the biggest challenges that farmers face. Research shows that there is widespread resistance to several drench families across both sheep and cattle.

Wormwise is the national worm management strategy. It is aimed at helping farmers and their advisors to manage worms, not just for today but sustainably for the future.

Most farms have worms that can survive one or more worm drenches – anthelmintic resistance.

Wormwise will give you access to the knowledge and techniques you need to effectively manage worms today for tomorrow.

Wormwise is the product of an industry initiative to develop a national worm management strategy. Wormwise delivers this strategy by managing and integrating research work, education, communication and extension services for farmers, veterinarians, key influencers and retailers.
This website is the place to come to get current knowledge about internal parasite management.

Recommendations will change over time as new information becomes available from research about these worms that affect productivity and welfare of livestock.